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Ode to Moroder

Saturday 21st Aug 2004

A tribute to the man that brought more hits and dancefloor winners and inspired more producers than there are mirrors on a mirror ball: Georgio Moroder!! Fame, Together in Electric dreams, I feel Love(Donna Summer), Flashdance, Call Me(Blondie), The Chase; and those wicked arpeggios! Do a Google search and you'll be amazed of what you will find attributed to this man’s name. He gets a night all on his own! We'll fit in a swag of Georgio hits as well as tracks that he inspired over a night that is guaranteed to leave you with a big fat Italian mo. Italian drink specials and a special guest DJ.

The Lineup...


Boogie, disco, and electronix

Daniel (aka D'Operator) brings his expertise of playing 'out' for over 25 years and marries ... View bio...
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