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Boogie, disco, and electronix

Daniel (aka D'Operator) brings his expertise of playing 'out' for over 25 years and marries this with a real desire to hear and enjoy great new music as well as appreciate gems from the past. With a record collection well into the thousands he kindly brings 4 bags full of vinyl goodness for his 4 hour iteration.

D'Operator's passion for the electronic music began in about 1981 when he heard early Hip-Hop and the Human League blasting out from ghetto blasters across the suburbs. Earlier experiences were also memorable (Dancing Queen and the discovery of disco in late the 70's), but none impressed upon him so much and so deeply as the dynamic electronic sounds of the early 80's. So, he's been collecting the odd 12" since then and a whole lot more over the last 20 years or so since the rave and subsequent club scenes exploded across the world.

Since the mid 90's he has played in some of the coolest bars and clubs in Melbourne including Revolver, Deep 11, the Palace, Loop, and Honkytonks. Trip-hop, jazz, electro, boogie, house, disco, funk, techno, experimental, minimal, and some oddities you may well hear - all wrapped up into a multicultural whirlwind of rhythm that is interesting, accessible, and fun.   
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