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When will we be shaking cocktails?

Posted by Dan Semkiw on 30th Sep 2020

We’re 6+ months into this pandemic which has now turned into Australia’s biggest financial crisis, arguably since the great depression. I guess we weren’t expecting much more but the premier has confirmed that, although Melbourne is tracking a bit ahead, we’ll be pretty much staying the course of the roadmap to recovery. For the time being we’re still working from home but hoping to get back to mango soon to slowly start getting the place ready for opening. Having not held a boston shaker for a few months, and somehow gotten use to earlier bedtimes, there will some retraining and adjustments needed to get things back into full swing! Slowly, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping the announcements in 3 weeks time may see more certainty in locking in that reopening date! We’re hoping to be shaking cocktails soon…
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