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What we do on the turps! Drink responsibly

Posted by Jacob O'Connor on 5th Mar 2013

It often strikes me sideways when a conversation is started by, “please don’t take this the wrong way” or “I am not meaning to be critical” because the person knows full well it is going to sting the recipient or as intended prove an uncomfortable point that in most cases is going nowhere positive. The bar is often a place for these conversations, as the golden droplets ease our barriers and we become more confident. Can our actions once mildly on our way so-to speak be a true reflection of ourselves? Are these words what we really think? Could it be said that we really have been thinking and wanting to say these things but have not really had the guts without the easement of alcohol? Does alcohol unmask a dark side or simply a jester we did not know resided within us? When you find yourself kissing a total stranger at the bar around midnight is this a normal thing? 

I love the message “Drink Responsibly “as surely once you have had a drink or two, responsibilities go out the window with your underwear and care for what people think. How many times have we all woken up after a responsible night of drinking and thought, “whoops...” then systematically checked that our phone, purse/wallet, keys are safe and still with you. How many times have you said, "I’ll just stay for a couple" and 7 hours later you are dancing up a storm on a nightclub dance floor? The truth of the matter is we have all done this, and if you think you are perfect and have not then please comment or come out with me sometime. Is it fair that we should be held accountable for our actions? I think so, even though we are bent out of shape in most cases we know what is right from wrong and can still act responsibly…True? The drinking culture that has become learned behaviour for the youth is to drink and end up drunk, don’t drink and drive kids because you will probably spill wine on yourself and end up in a crash, really? Common sense should prevail? I truly believe for a semi intelligent human built of steel armour you are not invincible, even if you are 140kgs and have had 10 pies before a night out…If you have a drink or two strap yourself in because your sense and sensibility is gone or tainted as it were. Drink for thought I say and always remember when you are worshipping the porcelain temple next time drink responsibly.
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