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Tips for Kris! Wait sorry... tips from Kris!

Posted by Rachel Davis on 15th Jul 2020

Wanting to make the perfect marguerita? Yep it’s marguerita NOT margarita! Firstly, don’t use crushed ice to shake, it’ll dilute your drink! Following on from this, shake..and shake some more! You can do it put your back into it… hmm we’re missing the mango dance floor too much.. Next thing to remember, too much salt is just as bad as no salt. Easy compromise! Lime half of the rim of your glass, then dip n twist that side through salt and voila! Lastly, experiment with infusions. Place about 1/4 cup of chopped jalapeños (seeds are fine!) into a 750ml bottle of tequila (El Jimador is a winner, also take out some tequila first!) and give a good tumble to mix all the goodness in! Kris left hers infusing for about a week and tumbled the bottle along the way. If you want a real kick, up the amount of jalapeños and let it sit for longer! Share your creations with us via @mangoloungebar.
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