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The staff favourite

Posted by Dan Semkiw on 16th Sep 2013

In today’s beer climate of an abundance of craft beer alternatives and small breweries springing up in many Australian country towns, how often does a good product cement itself as a favourite for over a decade?

At Mango Lounge Bar Rogers’ is just such a beer.  Named after two legends of Australian brewing Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell, inspired by English ales but with the distinctive Little Creatures hop and as they put it – it’s hard to classify but reassuringly easy to drink… Rogers’ is mid-strength at 3.8% alcohol yet remarkably full flavoured.  The amber ale has roasted toffee and caramel malt flavours, light citrus hop notes together with a gentle bitterness.

And it’s exactly 1.0 standard drinks per bottle.  So it’s easy to know how many to have before you drive, how may before your mother in law comes for dinner, and as a mid-strength you can have that one more and still wake up in perfect form for work.

Rogers’ first hit the Mango fridge back in 2002, not long after being released, and was quickly adopted as the staff’s choice.  And it didn’t stop there.  Staff changed but the beer stayed on as the favourite.  And when the old staff pop through for an ale you know what they usually choose.  So on your next visit to Mango Lounge Bar ask for Rogers’, the staff choice….
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