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Lost in translation, thought, or taste?

Posted by Jacob O'Connor on 26th Feb 2013

You know when we are born we generally are delivered with 10,000 taste buds dressed upon our lovely tasting mechanisms being of course our tongues…. and as we age gracefully these diminish and sometimes as we hit our late thirties/forties/ fifties to sixties we are left with only half of what we originally had. So it's fair to say our taste not only changes, it evolves. How do our drinking habits also change over time? Are the two related? 

Its also fair to say that years of over indulgence and trial and error will have a direct effect as the hangover becomes not just one day but two and you creep back to full health three to four days later……. One could say like our taste buds even our brain cells may have diminished somewhat, so what does this all mean? for a bartender it means we can narrow down what our clients taste will be depending on their age however obviously never assuming this is the rule as there are exceptions. So when a young man or lady asks for a really strong drink that tastes good (lost in translation) this means not a mojito or martini, but would translate to a midori/chambord/frangelico/malibu pineapple blended cocktail or similar, easy sweet tasting young taste bud razzle-dazzle. However, for a more mature client less sweeter the better would be the rule and almost every time is! So this brings me to Mango’s latest and greatest Feature Cocktail the ” Lost In Translation”. I have now made several of these fine drinks and the End product covers the taste bud spectrum, with ingredients such as LIME, PEACH, GINGER, VODKA(LIKE WATER), GRAND MARINER (ORANGE) & some sweetener; it soothes the aged and welcomes the young. A great opportunity for all to meet in the middle and enjoy a well structured cocktail. So next time you venture close by, make a direct line for Mango and try this new addition to the cocktail family.
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