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Fast cars, fast cocktails & speed

Posted by Jacob O'Connor on 17th Mar 2013

Gentle ladies & gentlemen please start your engines, espresso martini’s best dressed and sultry for you all and lets do anything but go near Albert park whilst the formula 1 is in progress! That’s right race cars, jet fighters, grid girls and petrol heads have had a great dash this week and Melbourne has been showcased on the international car racing stage. I will say I avoided this like flies however, it made me think about something we all have in common….speed. Being quick at making a cup of tea, or making your bed or even sex really is a factor we often do or don’t think about, getting something done in an efficient and timely manner is almost second nature for most of us. As cars require petrol, we have coffee or eggs benedict mixed in with good sleep and clean living to perform well and timely. We do our best to get to work quick, walk fast, get to sleep fast, talk fast, expect food fast, go to the toilet fast, read fast, the list goes on and makes me think do we ever try to do many things slow?

I suppose in some cases love making, driving sensibly, eating a piece of chocolate, queuing we can do slowly but most of us inevitably do these things fast too and man I hate queuing so all fastness in the universe to that caper. ‘Good things take time’ but who likes watching paint dry or lemon trees flower really? Often when making a Cocktail we have the urge to rush and get the drink as fast as possible to the customer with cherries on top. I remember when I had a bartender interview and I was told all cocktails are made here in 90 seconds or less, either you can do that or this is the wrong bar for you…wow that is impressive and sure it can be done and in most cases very well however is doing something fast a good thing? Facebook, internet, texting, and advertising are all instant and fast, it begs many questions and speed is all around us, perhaps next time you order a coffee, or order some food you could say” take your time, there’s no rush, I am cruising and I want it to be just perfect” yeah right, you want it yesterday because you are on the move and are speeding…..
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