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Drinking is a religion and god bless Australia on a regular basis - amen

Posted by Jacob O'Connor on 14th Mar 2013

Welcome Pope Francis! The very first Francis, wow I bet the Vatican is partying tonight and the red wine is flowing. The best for Francis with bottles of Penfolds & Wolf Blass being cracked left right and centre followed by delicious port and cakes. I reckon his golden rings will be sparkling and shimmering in the golden goblets that adorn the white table cloths of the main feast table. That’s right Rome is on fire again and the world has a new hope likened to the rebellion led by Luke Skywalker. All humans are made equal and thus Francis cares for all equally, the poor especially and then followed by the rich and others like weirdoes, middle-class and bloggers. I will never forget how cool it was to drink red wine on my regular church visits...” this is the blood of Christ” the Priest would say and I could already feel the saliva build in my mouth with anticipation. The red wine was never world class but hey when you are 7 its booze and you try to drink as much as you can without the priest realising or the crowd behind you missing out. Recently I wrote of a drinking culture that was established by the 60/70’s and how it was learned behaviour and all that carry on, but today a light bulb went on and I thought, "wait, church, that’s where it all started". The real and unholy fascination with that furry feeling, that numbing, that spritely tickle that made me want more… The catholic church introduced me to booze before my parents and their unlocked 70’s liquor cabinet. I truly believe today is a great day, we have a fresh start, we are all cleansed of our sins. Francis is on board with caviar dreams & champagne wishes and almost everyone has forgotten about the kiddy fiddling debacle of recent times. You see wine has been with us for a very long time, it has been enjoyed by us for a very very long time, and the catholic church even worked out a way to incorporate it into their daily service, where else did the saying “ a glass of red wine a day is very good for you” come from?
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