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A new invention

Posted by Caitlin Lutton on 1st Oct 2013

May I introduce to you ‘The Bobby’ Whats The Bobby you ask? Well thats exactly what i’ve come here to tell you. The Bobby the latest cocktail creation, made for one of our regulars (can you guess his name?) who had tried pretty much all of our delicious drinks on the menu. A blend of Tasmania’s 666 Vodka, Mango Liqueur and freshly muddled Orange! Tastes like Sunkist minus the bubbles. Mmm mmm!

In saying all of this, here at Mango we love to create new tastes. The Bobby may have been the latest but it is just one of many, check out our Mango Originals on the list next time you’re in. Or if you have certain flavours you like or want to try something new just ask us and we are always up for the challenge. We also have 2 new liqueurs, Pear and an Apple and Chestnut that i’m sure are just waiting to be blended together into something wonderful.
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