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8 more sleeps...

Posted by Madeleina Dares on 14th Jul 2011

We had an exciting moment today, we actually got booze in the bar!!! While this might seem both obvious and a little benign to you all, to us it was a monumental step that signalled that all was coming together and the hard work was going to pay off. After almost 4 months of seeing our beloved bar go through a ground up transformation we were sadly beginning to get used to it. But with the alcohol finally being put away in its new little spot we were reminded that in 8 more sleeps we throw open our doors and we get to see you again. The word of the opening is slowly spreading around town, we want to see everyone so get calling/messaging/Facebooking/Tweeting or whatever it is you cool kids are doing these days and invite away, all Mangoites and friends of Mangoites welcome.
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