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Reggae, dub, ska, soul

Based on the comments she has received from previous gigs, Spankpants will evoke childhood memories, toe tapping vibes and crazy 80's sing-alongs. 

Relatively new to the wheels of steel, Spankpants, has spent many years photographing the busy nightlife of Melbourne bars and clubs, including so much talent of DJs, producers, custom built sound systems, MCs, dancers and live bands. 

Picking up a few tips and tricks from her fellow DJ community throughout the years, Spankpants debuted at The Roachy, Fitzroy in 2018 with a 2-hour reggae and 2-tone ska set that got the venue on a vibe high. Following her debut, she held the Wanderlust monthly residency at Sloth Bar, one of the three hosts of Triple Treat Halloween Sunday Sessions at Mango Lounge Bar, supported User and Cynthia for FOMO Festival at Red Betty Bar and played many gigs with a large list of legendary local names. 

Growing up with a liberal upbringing of alternative musical tastes, your experience will be an interesting mix of reggae / dub culture through to Jamaican and 2-tone Ska, hints of soul and trip-hop, and lots of 80s (including the new wave and punk) with nice little touches of the 90s.

Either way, Spankpants will get you moving on the D-floor.
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