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Funk-jazz fusion

Caterpillar has been growing, transforming and getting fatter for over 15 years. Unpredictable and improvised, they play a hybrid of funk-jazz, dance-floor grooves and electronic beats.

Caterpillar are Damien Toussaint on keys, synths and keytar, Geoff Ralphs on fat, funky bass, John ‘JK’ Kenyon on guitar, Harper Dawson on saxophone, Geoff Ellis on drums and percussion and Steve Plarre on vox and percussion.

Experimental and original, their self titled EP, 'Live at Mango', was recorded within the atmospheric walls of Mango in 2004, capturing the spontaneous magic of Caterpillar's grooves. Other studio albums include ‘5 Cats’ (2011) and ‘It is what it is’ (2013). Caterpillar continue to form grooves that are creative, unique and inspire some serious foot tapping and ass movin'. For something different, fat and funky, catch them at Mango or visit their Bandcamp.

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